Cheese Shed

NobleTM White Cheddar

Watch Mainland’s Master Cheesemakers take 7 years to perfect this new cheese

Follow a young boy as his grandfather shows the difference maturity makes to Mainland cheese.

Finely Grated Cheese

See how grandfather and grandson get treated to something real special.


Watch as the young boy visits his grandfather and learns what makes the ingredients in Mainland cheese so good.

Cheese Shed

Grandfather explains why time is so important to Mainland cheeses.


See where it all began, with our first aged cheddar.


Discover how Mainland puts the Epic into Epicure.

Aged Cheddar Range

Get the full story on how the flavour develops with time.


It can get a little cold in New Zealand, that's why we made a butter that spreads straight from the fridge with no added oils.