Our Heritage

Every Mainland product has a secret ingredient – time. Combined with the purest ingredients from New Zealand, it’s what gives our cheese that distinctive Mainland flavour.

At Mainland we know that you can’t hurry nature or our cheese makers; “Cheese is ready when it’s ready”, they say. So they wait to make sure that every block is perfectly matured before we offer it to you. That can mean a fair bit of waiting – up to 36 months for our Epicure Cheddar, so that it can produce a sharpness in flavour you will never forget.

At Mainland, cheese is our whole life.

From the craftsmanship, passion and experience of our cheese makers to the purest New Zealand ingredients that go into it, we want everyone to share our enthusiasm for cheese.

Hopefully you’ll start by trying some of our new recipes and simple twists with your favourite Mainland cheese or perhaps explore some new varieties.

We’ll be giving you all sorts of hints, tips and advice but you don’t have to try everything at once.

Remember the secret of Mainland cheese – good things take time…